Honestly, I never thought I’d have any kind of clothing company. It wasn’t ever a goal of mine. I initially developed a logo to be able to, simply, attach everything to. I wanted something cool to be able to help me advertise videos and other things in the future.


At first, I ordered 12 customized hats. I mostly ordered just one for myself, but got a couple for family and friends as well, but quickly ran out, and saw there were more people that wanted them. I then ordered 50, and then a couple hundred. Now I’ve placed multiple “large” (for me) orders for multiple different styles of hats and I’m so grateful for the generosity people have shown me in wanting “my” product. This has very much been a surprise to me but it was a wake up call in the sense that I better do something!!

So here it is. FINALLY! A place where you can come and easily purchase your gear. This will be constantly evolving, and ever changing. Thank you so much for spending your hard earned cash HERE!